5 Tips for Deck Lighting in Calgary

Lighting up your deck for summer nights in Calgary can create an inviting and relaxing ambiance. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space, but it also offers safety and security. Here are five tips for deck lighting in Calgary:

Before Installing Deck Lighting, Take into Account the Size and Shape of Your Area
When adding lighting to your deck, consider the size and shape of the area. Position lights strategically so they provide adequate coverage without being overbearing. Take into account where people will spend most time on the deck, then plan accordingly.

Select the Appropriate Type of Lighting
When it comes to deck lighting, there are several types to choose from. Post lights, step lights, and string lights all offer different ambiances and functionalities. Step lights offer safety by guiding people up and down stairs safely while string lights add a whimsical charm that brings people together in the space.

Use Energy-Efficient Lighting
Energy efficient lighting is not only beneficial to the environment, but it can also save money on your electric bill. LED lights are especially suitable for deck lighting as they are long-lasting, durable and energy efficient. Furthermore, LED lights come in various colors and styles so you can find one to suit your specific requirements.

Motion Sensor Lighting
Motion sensor lighting can add an extra layer of security to your deck. These lights will illuminate automatically when someone walks onto the deck, making it easier to see and navigate around. Furthermore, motion sensor lighting helps deter unwanted guests from entering your property.

Engaging a Professional Calgary Deck Builder
Designing and installing deck lighting can be an intricate task. It is best to hire an experienced deck builder with knowledge of this field who can offer advice on the ideal type of lighting for your deck and guarantee its secure installation. With their help, you’ll get exactly what you need for your outdoor oasis!

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