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5 Usual Errors You Shouldn’t Make When Building Your Deck

A deck can be a beautiful addition to the home, creating a space where you can soak up a little sun and enjoy a fresh breeze. It can also increase your curb appeal when it successfully compliments your home as a whole.

However, a mistake or two can have the opposite impact on your property. Being aware of the common errors may help remind you of the importance of paying close attention to detail and why you may need professional Calgary deck builders instead of doing it yourself. 

Here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

Getting Incompatible Material

It’s understandable to choose the deck material based on what looks pretty, but when visual appeal is the sole factor, you will pay for the choice in the long run. The deck is out and exposed every single day, meaning it has to bear the brunt of each season. It will have to endure rain or shine and snow or ice, some seasons more than others in certain areas. 

If you have the means and the budget, the best decking material would be composite decking. The most affordable and ideal material for a deck is pressure-treated lumber, as it has more water-resistant properties while being very durable. 

Choosing The Wrong Footers

Aside from the material, you may choose the wrong footers. Your deck will require proper support, especially when you bring out the extra chairs and have a few people standing on it for a small gathering. If you don’t have the proper footing, the deck may suddenly collapse, ruining all your hard work.

Get proper support by having a deck contractor determine the correct footers for your deck and putting them in place for you. That way, you can dance easily on the deck without feeling it start to tremble.

Incorrectly Installing Hardware

Footers aren’t the only thing you can install when deckbuilding; the nails, screws, boards, fasteners, joist hangers and more have to be installed to ensure the durability of the deck. Even if you get the highest quality hardware, it won’t be of any use if it’s improperly installed. You would also be using up more time to remove it and put it back.

The process shouldn’t be rushed as every part of the work on each corner should be inspected. A deck contractor can take that task off your hand and install everything for you with no mistakes made at all. 

Forgetting to Seal The Wood

When you feel like every board and nail is in place, hit pause for a second. Remember to use some wood sealer on your deck before calling it a day. Even good decking material can deteriorate and chip off easily if the wood isn’t sealed in properly. 

Placing Handrails at an Inconvenient Height

Slightly higher decks would require the need of a handrail to stop falls and reduce more injuries. However, it can create the opposite effect when placed too low or when it’s just entirely absent. Young children and adults can become a victim of falling from the deck.


A deck shouldn’t just be aesthetically appealing, but it should also be properly functional. It is completely possible to have glamour hand in hand with proper construction at the end of the day so that you can have the most pleasant deck on the block.

Looking for deck builders in Calgary? YCC Builders helps customers have the best decks and fences to fulfill their dream home. Get in touch with us today!

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Why You Need to Hire a Professional Builder for Your Deck

Looking for a great way to add more value to your home? Then perhaps building a deck is just what you need. A kitchen or a bathroom renovation is a safer choice, but a deck can be an excellent addition to your home, especially if it was done by a professional builder. There are many Calgary deck builders out there that could really spruce up your home with a brand new deck. If you’re not convinced why you should hire a builder, then here are four compelling reasons why you should.

Proper Deck Installation

Building an entire deck isn’t as simple as many people think. It involves a lot of skill for just the installation. The design and vision of the actual deck need a professional touch to make sure that everything falls into place. You need someone who has experience and can make sure the installation is done the right way. Deck builders in Calgary can offer their expertise on the proper design and installation of a deck and have the right tools to execute it.

Save Money

Now, it’s natural to think that hiring a professional comes with a cost, and that much is true. But what homeowners fail to realize is that hiring a professional is the only way to reduce the cost of building a deck. Many people just assume that going the DIY route means they’re saving a lot of money. What they don’t account for is that you need to source all the materials and even buy the equipment on your own. If you think about it, that’s a huge waste of money for a project that you’re probably only going to do once. Let professional builders provide the equipment and find just the right materials for your deck.

Save Time

Hiring a professional deck builder can also save you a lot of time. Yes, time is a cost that not all homeowners can afford to spend by building a deck. Not to mention, building it on your own can eat up a lot of your time and may take weeks and months to finish. On the other hand, professional deck and fence builders in Calgary are strict with their timelines and can deliver a better job in the shortest possible time. While they do their work, you’re free to do other things that require your attention.

Follow Building Codes

As with any construction project, you need to adhere to your local city or municipality’s strict building codes and regulations. Professional builders are capable of building to code and get all the necessary permits required for the job. Without the proper permits, your deck will most likely be torn down and even run the risk of being liable for any injury to workers that may be involved in an accident while working on your project. A good deck builder understands all these regulations and will make sure to follow them to the letter.


Looking at all these reasons, there’s no question that a deck-building project requires a steady and professional hand to successfully complete. You don’t have to worry about getting all the materials and the permits you need to start your project. Just leave to the capable hands of the builders and see the fruits of their labour.

Looking for home improvement professionals that can help you build your dream deck? Turn to YYC Builders, a Calgary fence builder and deck construction company you can trust. We only use the highest quality materials and industry standards when building your deck. Contact us today to get a quote.

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The Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Decking Materials

A deck at home is a nice place to reflect or hold recreational activities for family and friends. If you plan to build a deck for your house anytime soon, choosing the right material is one of the first steps you need to take. Unfortunately, gone are the days when there were only a few materials to choose from. Today, there are dozens of different decking materials. Before you start construction, you need to know your best options. 

This article will help you understand what you need to know about your decking material options. Here are the three most popular materials considered for deck building and their respective pros and cons.

Material 1: Pressure-Treated Wood

If you are looking for a stunning yet affordable material for your deck, you should consider pressure-treated wood. The wood is subjected to high pressure, making it resistant to insect damage and moisture. In short, this material is strong enough to resist wear and tear without letting you break the bank. 

This material is a popular option because of its low price point and durability. It is a material that is easy to fasten and results in a beautiful deck. The only downside is that the material has a higher tendency to crack or warp because it uses non-toxic treatment chemicals that are not as effective as their toxic counterparts. However, this disadvantage also makes it a healthier material for home use. 

Material 2: Composites

Composites are a mixture of wood fibres and recycled plastic, producing an artificial wood-like material for decks. While they are artificially made, the following characteristics make them perfect for your deck:

  • They neither warp nor splinter
  • They do not rot, nor do they get damaged by insects
  • They do not require that much maintenance
  • They come in different textures, colours, and styles.

However, since composites are partially wood, mould and mildew could grow if parts of your deck are exposed to moisture. They are also prone to decay and could also be pricier, depending on the manufacturer. 

Material 3: Cedar Wood

Another option for wood is cedar. This material is a crowd favourite because of its natural beauty, rich colour, and natural resistance to decaying, rotting, and insects. This option might also be expensive, but they are lightweight, highly dense, and strong. 

It is the perfect option for houses in locations with inclement weather conditions. However, you need to make sure that you use protectants to ensure that your cedar retains its rich colour. Otherwise, it could change into a soft grey after a while. You also need to find the best grades of cedar for decking before committing. 


There are many good materials for decking. Before deciding which one to use, you need to identify what suits your needs best. Consider your budget, location, weather, and how you plan to use your deck. If you are clueless, consult with an expert to identify the best material for your home deck. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best materials, the items above are among the best choices. 

Should you need help from professional deck builders in Calgary, YYC Builders is just one call away. Our goal is to provide our clients with complete, professional, and fun solutions to their decking problems. We do not stop until our clients are satisfied. Call us at 1-403-629-6640 or email us at [email protected] to get a quote.


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Calgary Deck Builders: Building a Deck to Code

Upgrading and building a deck on a property can contribute to an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a summer day. To achieve that idealistic goal on a budget, some homeowners try to handle deck projects on their own. However, no matter how efficient your tools are, there is still a crucial step that you need to put into consideration: making sure that your deck has the proper permits and is up to code.

Building a Deck to Code: What Does it Mean?

All infrastructures, buildings, and developments within a municipality should meet standard guidelines implemented in the local, provincial, and national laws. These comprise the depth of the foundations, the distance between a deck and a property line, the spacing of the support beams, and more. 

These guidelines are essential to ensure that all structures have the capacity to support weight and adhere to proper safety guidelines, which include fire safety precautions. All these are mandatory and should be abided to build structures. Without these, the structure will not pass the inspection, and you’ll need to perform removal or major upgrades.

Is a deck building permit required?

Although all decks must meet a standard code, not all building deck projects need a permit. Generally, whether or not a permit is necessary depends on the style, size, deck placement, some particular environmental factors, and the strategy to use or protect it.

The City of Calgary provides a comprehensive resource page to know if you’ll need a permit. You will need to secure a permit if the following conditions apply:

– The deck is bigger than 100 sq. ft.

– The deck is higher than 0.6 m (2’) from above the ground.

– You’re adding stairs to a balcony or an existing deck.

– You’re rebuilding, replacing, and extending an existing deck or balcony that is higher than 0.6 meters above the ground.

-The deck/balcony has or will have a roof attached to your house structure.

In some instances, building a patio or deck will only require a building permit. A development permit should also be obtained in some other cases, such as when there is a conflict with a land-use bylaw. A planning approval must be completed before a building permit is secured and submitted. The City of Calgary provides some links to details about the costs for the permit and the entire deck construction on its deck-building page.

 What are the possible consequences when building a deck without a permit?

There are consequences that you may experience when you build a deck without securing the proper treatment. For instance, deciding to rent, renovate, or sell the property with an unauthorized deck may cause some trouble.

Keep in mind that the deck should be properly inspected for safety purposes. If the deck does not distribute weight correctly, it may slide or twist, causing the whole structure to collapse. It can be more dangerous if there are people, open flames and propane tanks on the deck in case an accident happens.

If the deck project can pass an inspection, you may create an application for a retroactive permit instead. There can be added fees, which are usually more than double the original permit cost. You may need to spend additional money for upgrades, repairs, and inspections to make the structure up to code. In some extreme instances, the deck might be all damaged, and you’ll have to shell out money for disposal and demolition.


Making sure that you’re building a deck to code is not difficult as you may think. You can just refer to Calgary deck builders, and they will recommend the right materials, measurements, and the proper construction process. Keep in mind that there are significant guidelines and permits to follow and secure if you plan building a deck to code.  

Looking for deck builders in Calgary who help you? YYC Builders is the best one you can count on! Our team of professionals offers services such as deck constructions, home renovations, and fence building. You can expect top-notch quality and professionalism in every project we handle. Get in touch with us today to get a quote!

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Why You Should Think About Building a Deck in Springtime

Spring is nearly upon us, and so many folks are starting to make plans with regard to various home improvement projects. This is in order to best prepare for summertime.

There are several projects that are ideal for spring, though few match up well with this season the way deck construction in Calgary does.

The moment the weather begins to warm up, your space outdoors will start to regain its functionality. Chances are, you’ll end up looking into having a deck built onto your home’s backyard.

Why should building a deck in spring be considered?

There are several perks to having a deck, especially in time for spring or summer. If you’re still hesitant about calling Calgary deck builders to get things going, consider the following:

A deck will add storage options for your home

Most decks typically have space that’s vacant underneath. This means you will be able to have storage space that’s incredibly helpful. You can keep outdoor toys, yard tools, snow equipment, and other items that don’t require specific protection from the elements. If protection is necessary, however, it’s possible for siding to be added under the deck.

A deck will be able to help the value of your home increase

One of the best ways to add value to your home is to build a deck. In fact, when it comes to real estate, one of the biggest trends in homes is having a deck. When the time comes that you’d like to put your house up for sale, that will be a helpful boost.

If increasing the value of your home is the primary reason for constructing a deck, take extra care in choosing the decking material and design. Wood decks are well and good, as well as quite functional. However, going with composite and PVC decks will certainly increase the value of your home.

A deck will let you have more space

Being a homeowner means being able to entertain family, friends, and loved ones. It’s your home, and you can do whatever you want to. This includes building a deck and enjoying the outdoors in the company of people close to your heart. Majority of homeowners tend to get a grill immediately after a deck is built.

Depending on the side of the deck you get built, it could be possible for a hot tub to be added on. This would be ideal if your main goal is to have a space in your home where you can entertain guests outdoors. A hot tub is one of the most inviting and relaxing amenities out there.


One of the best projects you can take on during the spring is building a deck, so that it’s well and ready by summertime. It’s a fantastic way to make the most of your outdoor space. Some reasons to consider this include more storage options for your home, your home’s value increasing, and more space for you to entertain guests outdoors. Now’s the right time to have a deck built; work with skilled deck builders to transform your outdoors into a communal space close to nature.

Looking for reliable, professional deck builders in Calgary? Contact YYC Builders today! We are professional Calgary deck builders who believe our lifeline is built upon happy customers.

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Build a Deck for Your Home

A typical Canadian homeowner may probably not consider adding a deck to their home. Summers tend to be shorter in the country—which means there’s barely enough time to spend on a deck, grilling burgers and just hanging out in the sun. However, with a bit of consideration from Calgary deck builders and real estate professionals, you might just realize that adding a deck actually adds more value to your home more than you think!

To emphasize why you should get one built for your home, here are four excellent reasons why a deck is exactly what you need:

Decks Add Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you choose natural wood or a composite finish, a beautifully designed deck can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. 

These fixtures can come in a variety of design options, colours, and finishes. You can even match its design to the house’s overall look or make it stand out as a distinct extension of your home. These also serve as a great space to add decorative elements to make your home stand out, like outdoor lighting, potted plants, and even garlands.

Decks Boost the Value of Your Home

Renovations in Canada are big business, with average spending of about $6.3 billion on residential renovations in 2019 alone. Deck additions are just one of the many home renovation ideas that can provide a good return on investment. 

If you’re planning to sell your house after a few years, installing a deck can be an excellent investment. More than that, it doesn’t just ensure a good ROI; it can also provide emotional returns to the homeowners! It’s not always about the financial value, after all, but the memories you get to create and enjoy with your family in a fully furnished deck. 

Decks Add More Livable Space at Your Home

You’d be surprised to see how great of an addition a deck is when you see your family spending time together in it. A deck can be a perfect place for outdoor gatherings and cookouts or just plain relaxation with the family. It can also be an alternative way of entertainment where you can take advantage of your property’s scenic view. 

If you have space that’s primarily unusable or undeveloped, a deck may just fit right in and transform your property’s exterior into an outdoor living space.

Decks Are Relatively Inexpensive and Low Maintenance

When compared to other home additions, the cost to add a deck is typically substantially low. On average, decks cost more or less around $7,200. Compared to the $30,000 cost of hiring a team of professionals to renovate your kitchen, that’s quite a big difference! According to Calgary deck builders, the overall cost depends on the size and sophistication of the deck designs.

Deck maintenance, on the other hand, requires minimal effort and cost. You won’t find yourself sweeping and washing the deck all that often. Give it a nice weatherproofing stain, and it should last years.


Building a deck is like having a beautiful outdoor extension of your home. It’s a relatively inexpensive addition that could last years and require little upkeep. If you’re looking for a good investment where the benefits outweigh all the costs in the long run, then a deck is exactly what you’re looking for. 

If you’re looking for Calgary deck builders that you can count on, then turn to YYC Builders! We provide deck constructions, fence building, and home renovations—all with the highest level of quality and professionalism that you deserve for your next project. Whatever home improvement project you can dream of, we’ll build it for you. Contact us today to get a quote!

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Tips for Improving Your Deck

Your deck deserves to be an easy and enjoyable place to enjoy being outdoors with friends and loved ones. Not every single deck comes pre-installed with all the whistles and bells such as awnings and gazebos but using them installed by a Calgary deck builder is obviously an alternative. If you are wanting to make your deck the go-to place for family gatherings and hot summer nights, have a look at a few of these tips for ways to add excitement to your deck.

Update the Railings
If you have had your rails for quite a while and are getting tired of the design or have noticed they are deteriorating in quality, then it may be time for an update. Railings are a frequently overlooked facet of your deck, as well as the substance and layout can deliver your outside area together in a visually attractive manner.

You do not always have to coordinate with your railing into the deck floor. Occasionally a contrast in color or substance may be a welcome change. YYC Builders is experienced in installing a huge array of rail systems and can suggest many popular rail options they find to be reliable and of premium quality.

Update Your Stairs
When folks are entering your deck from the outside, they utilize the staircase. It is often the first impression that guests will have of your deck, and no matter how nice the rest of your outdoor area appears, an outdated staircase may detract from the overall appearance.

It is perfectly reasonable to become worried with respect to updating your staircase, particularly if you do not possess a great deal of them. But if you are devoted to perfecting each inch of your deck, then your staircase may be a great starting point.

Based upon the design of your deck, then you may have choices in regard to what sort of stair it is possible to get. They are sometimes broad, waterfalled, cornered, or conventional. You may base your choice on lots of variables. Your staircase must lead out to some location in the lawn which you use the maximum or attached to a route that contributes to the front part of the home.

YYC Builders does not recommend installing new stairs yourself and supplies a hassle-free warranty on a setup that will make certain your stairs are constructed up and right to code.

Retractable Awning
If you often need an umbrella or numerous umbrellas, then including a retractable awning for your own deck is an attractive choice for keeping out sunlight. They generally cover a broader area than an umbrella and also can be easily retracted for times once the sun is not shining.

There is no shortage of awnings that vary in style, color, and dimensions. Generally made from cloth, retractable awnings provide flexibility about supplying color in your deck.

Another fantastic alternative for providing shade in your deck would be a pergola. While they should not be considered a substitute for an umbrella or retractable awning, pergolas do a fantastic job at blocking direct sunlight while still allowing some sunlight in. Their layout is classic in design and may be attached to a home or stand in a different portion of the deck.

Pergolas, when attached to a property, make a subtle sense of flow from the inside of your home to the outside deck. It can be a gorgeous transition piece to your area. There are many approaches to help a pergola stand out such as stringing lights across the ceiling and legs or buying hanging plants or vines that can add color and natural beauty to your deck.

An addition to a deck such as a pergola could be left for professionals to conserve money and time. Based on your finances, YYC Builders has a lot of choices that vary in size, color, and substance. Regardless of what style you select, you may trust YYC Builders to put in your pergola with a focus on detail and high-quality materials.

Include a Gazebo with Your Deck
For bigger decks, a fantastic way to add flair into your own space would be to get a gazebo added on. The quantity of detail you desire your gazebo to possess is your decision. Whether you would like a screened-in a more open idea, they are exceptional at providing shade and protection against the elements.

A gazebo adds character and depth to a deck. If you have got enough room to do so, obtaining a gazebo set up will give you a fresh area to entertain guests and escape the heat. YYC Builders offer gazebo construction with the choice of adding an electric package so you may add your ceiling fan or TV.

If you’re wanting to extend the use time of your own deck during the calendar year, a gazebo is an ideal option.

Contact YYC Builders today by calling 1-403-629-6640 or emailing us at [email protected]


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Choosing the Best Fence for Your Home

Fences can serve unique purposes. Your house might need you to keep your possessions in and wild animals out, enhance looks, improve privacy, outline land boundaries, or boost security. Knowing the intended purpose of your fence is essential as it is going to allow you to determine the most acceptable height, material, and structure.

Benefits of Having a Fence
Although installing a fence provides many benefits, the following are possibly the most significant:

Fences enhance privacy and safety: Aside from being effective deterrents against prying eyes, fences decrease the chance of intrusion by preventing people from breaking in readily.

Fences act as obstacles: as well as keeping your children and domestic animals from drifting out, fences can stop wild animals like foxes and raccoons from getting in.

Fences add value: Installing a fence adds to the value of your house by earning your landscape and house more noticeable, especially in the event that you decide on a suitable option.


Kinds of Fencing Materials
It’s important to keep your budget in mind when deciding what sort of fence to set up. Installation costs will vary depending on the sort of material. To assist you to decide on the best choice, here are the most popular fencing materials in addition to their positives and negatives.



  • Wood is a sustainable material and likely has the lowest purchasing and setup price.
  • Wood is simple to install and fix.
  • Wood fences are available in all sizes and shapes.
  • You can build your own configuration if necessary since wood is a flexible material.
  • it is possible to paint wood to make any look.


  • Wood fences need regular maintenance.
  • Even after being treated for the outdoors, wood will eventually rot.
  • Fasteners can loosen over time because wood contracts and expands with adjustments in the weather.

It is possible, however, to prolong the life span of your wood fence by employing additional remedies, such as a sealant.



  • Vinyl infrequently warps, splits, or cracks because of climatic conditions.
  • Apart from keeping it clean, vinyl is really maintenance-free.
  • Aside from mimicking any other fencing material, vinyl fences can be found in an endless array of designs and colors.
  • Vinyl fencing is lightweight and incredibly durable.


  • Plastic becomes brittle with time.
  • Vinyl may crack or break under too much pressure due to its hollow construction.

Chain Link


  • Practically maintenance-free.
  • Incredibly strong and durable, which makes it the most suitable choice for containment purposes.
  • Chain link fences seldom twist, crack or split.
  • Affordably priced and simple to install.
  • Best for home safety.


  • Chain link fences have a utilitarian appearance. It is possible, however, to coat yours in vinyl paint or turn it into a lattice.
  • Not well suited for privacy. Privacy slats are, however, available.



  • Aluminum does not rust, and that’s the reason why fences made of metal are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Aluminum fences are simple to update and customize.
  • Powder coating provides aluminum fences a pleasant, clean, and even look.
  • Aluminum fences can be found in various thicknesses and strengths.
  • Best suited to safety.


  • Difficult to put in, which means that you’ll have to employ a professional.
  • Prone to harm, albeit determined by the caliber.



  • Brick fences require minimal upkeep.
  • A brick fencing is energy-efficient and perfect for resale.
  • Relatively durable.
  • Brick fences can either blend or contrast with your residence.


  • Can Be Costly to Fix
  • Cannot be painted or stained
  • A brick fence takes a strong and invulnerable foundation.


If you aren’t sure which material would be best for your fence, contact the expert Calgary fence builders at YYC Builders by calling 1-403-629-6640 or emailing us at [email protected]


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Spice Up Your Backyard Deck

Your deck must be an outside oasis; a location to enjoy excellent weather and cold beverages while creating memories with family members and friends. If it comes to developing a visually attractive and welcoming deck area, there are an infinite number of ways to that a Calgary deck builder.

If you are seriously interested in earning your deck the conversation of the area, have a look at several of the popular items which may serve as an inspiration to your deck undertaking.

Potted Plants

1 way to bring some color and beauty to your own deck would be by incorporating potted plants. You really can liven up your deck with a few vivid flowers or succulents positioned strategically in your deck. When an area of your deck feels vacant, adding plants may fill the emptiness. Plants may add a much-needed decorative element to your outdoor oasis.

A Deck Box

One commonly overlooked bit of deck decoration is a great deck box for storage. When the weather is gloomy, you want somewhere to store chair cushions and other things which may be damaged by rain or high winds. Vinyl is the most frequent and affordable material these are made from.

Table and Chairs

The centerpiece of your deck is going to be the location in which you dine. Discovering the proper matching pair is really a challenge, but it is going to be worth it to spend time studying several places and comparing quality and prices.

Aluminum has become easily the most popular and durable material to get an outside dining table and chair set. It is possible to get many years from aluminum furniture without needing to do a lot of upkeep. Aluminum can also be the most affordable sort of outdoor furniture you will be able to find, which makes it a fantastic selection for people on a budget.

Wood is also an excellent material to check at to your own deck furniture. While yearly maintenance must maintain wood furniture appearing pristine, it is well worthwhile for homeowners who love the pure beauty and craftsmanship of a wood dining table and chairs. They have a tendency to be a bit pricier, compared to other popular substances, but when your heart is set on timber, there are a plethora of great fashions in varieties of colors all around the net and in the regional furniture shops.

Wicker is a lightweight option that may be easily transferred if you enjoy rearranging your deck regularly. It is also an elegant fashion due to the way it is woven. The excellent thing about prom is the fact there are lots of different woven designs for you to pick from so you are bound to find what you prefer.

Lounge Chairs

If you are not serving a meal, then it is particularly good to get other areas to sit is not in your outside table. Adirondack chairs are fantastic for relaxing and soaking up sunlight. They are designed so the front of the seat is greater than the trunk, so you are primed for comfort.

Rocking chairs and wooden swings can also be perfect for relaxing and tend to match a much more colonial-style house. Regardless of your taste, obtaining a few seats to the lounge will make your deck a much more attractive place to spend your evenings.

Outdoor Lighting

If you are going to use your deck during the night, it is a fantastic idea to invest in certain outside lighting. A favorite light alternative that is particularly good for summer is a pair of tiki torches. It’s possible to mount full-size tiki torch poles into an existing deck railing to present your outside seating area much-needed pop of ambiance and lighting.

Additionally, there are a lot of conventional lighting alternatives if you are not offered in the tropical sense that tiki torches create. Another fun way to add light to your deck is string lighting. You may hang them around the outside of your deck or on the surface of your deck roof or pergola if you have got one.

A Means to Keep Out Sunlight

Whether it is a retractable awning or a standalone umbrella or canopy, then it’s an absolute requirement to have a location where you are able to escape the heat and sunlight in your deck.

If you go for the canopy option, you can turn it into a tiny room with a couple of chairs and a little table at which people can unwind and sip some lemonade.

Outdoor Rugs

You can bring your deck with an outside rug. The material which you select is vital! It must have the ability to stand against the components. While searching for a deck rug, be certain you are shopping for “outside” carpeting. You are going to be studying significantly more durable materials that will not deteriorate when subjected to several kinds of weather.



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