4 Things To Take Note of Before Building Your House Fence

Having a house fence is an asset in every valuable property. It enhances security and curb appeal. It also allows you as the homeowner to designate gardening areas, a place for outdoor recreation, and even pet-friendly spaces. However, if you don’t know anything about fence building and don’t take note of things before you start, you won’t get to maximize your resources well, resulting in poorly built fences. To avoid this, consider the following to ensure you have long-lasting, reliable fences for your house: 

  • Your household’s immediate needs and preferences

You and everyone else in your house are going to be the main beneficiaries of your fence, especially if it addresses an immediate need. For instance, if you have dogs, you may want to have a way to set up secure borders in your backyard by using fences to avoid them from going elsewhere. 

Also, you may want to have fences that match your house’s current modern design. By identifying these, you gain deeper insight into the kind of materials and building applications you need to succeed in this construction project. Whatever your intents are, the bottom line is they have long-term implications on your living situation. 

  • Building codes 

While most homeowners and real estate professionals would like to believe that they can just build whatever they want, the reality is everyone has to follow neighbourhood associations’ building codes and municipal guidelines. 

For example, most communities have a rule that fences should be placed between 2-8 inches from the sidewalk and property lines. It is for the sake of safety and showing courtesy for other spaces, especially those encroaching on others’ areas. 

As an effective solution, it would be best to always do your research on building codes, which can also apply to other projects, such as decking or hanging decorations. Doing this allows you to avoid legal trouble, penalties, and neighbour complaints. As a result, you can be a model homeowner for others around you and enjoy your home construction improvements. 

  • Floor area for fence building

Of course, just as with any construction project, you need to determine how wide and tall your house fences’ coverage will be. It will mostly depend on your preferences, building codes, and budget. Just ensure to calculate everything first, like how much money, time, and effort it will take to complete this project. This way, nothing is wasted, and you can have well-built house fences. 

  • Cost-effective building materials

Most homes claim that you cannot go wrong with a nice picket fence since all you need to buy are wood, whitewash, and a few nails. However, remember that they tend to stain, wrap, and even rot more easily than other types of wooden fences. With that in mind, it would be best to opt for more cost-effective fence-building materials in the long run. To gain better-informed recommendations for this, simply contact our Calgary fence builders to get an estimate and make the right decisions. 


Fence building may seem easy to accomplish at first glance, but it takes a lot of planning and practical building skills to get done properly. Fortunately, you now have a better idea of what makes this project successful. Meanwhile, instead of worrying about it, why not consider relying on professional builders like us to help you? This way, you can have peace of mind knowing every time and money spent on improving your living space leads to success. 

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