Building a New Fence: Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a beautiful way to add security to your space, building a fence should be a top-of-mind solution. A fence can come in different styles, but they provide the same thing: protection for your property and the whole family. If you are thinking about turning this dream into a reality soon, you should learn about these facts to ensure you choose the optimal time for the construction. 

When Is the Best Time to Build a Fence at Home?

Although you can build a fence around the house any time, there is still a recommended time for constructing one. 

Spring is usually the recommended season for home improvements, but it would be best if you wait a little longer before starting your fence construction. When spring arrives, the soil will not be in its best condition. You need to wait until it stabilizes so that it can provide the right foundation for your fences—for warmer weather. 

Summer, just like spring, is also ideal. However, this time is the busiest in terms of construction projects. If you plan to have fences installed in these months, make sure that you book your appointment early.

Another good option is the fall season. Start early if you choose the fall season. The longer you wait, the colder it gets, and you might end up with frozen soil. You can always consult with your contractors. They would recommend the best time for you to install your fences.

What Should Your Materials Be?

The suitable material is also crucial when it comes to building a fence. Since it is outdoors, it is constantly exposed to different weather conditions. You need to choose a material that is durable and long-lasting. We recommend using vinyl or chain links that are not easily damaged. 

Wood is a beautiful material that can also be durable if you find the right type to use. As much as possible, your goal is to create a wood fence that can resist heat over the summer. Asking your professional builders can help you make the best decision. 

How Long Would the Construction Take?

The timing depends on your goal. If you want to enjoy lounging outdoors with privacy during the summer, you need to work backward in your schedule. There are many things to consider when determining a timeline for any home project. Specifically for building a fence, here are the things that contractors need to look into:

  • The size of the yard you need to cover
  • How complex your fence design is
  • The condition of the soil

The more complex the project and the bigger the area is, the more time it would take the contractors to finish. Just always allot extra time to make room for any possible delays during the construction process. 


Adding a fence into one’s home brings about the peace and added security every family needs. It serves as a deterrent for unwanted intruders and wild animals, a safe keeper for the child and the pets, and a property feature that protects your valuables and the whole family. When thinking about building one into your home, make sure you keep our notes above in mind.

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