Calgary Deck Builders: Building a Deck to Code

Upgrading and building a deck on a property can contribute to an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a summer day. To achieve that idealistic goal on a budget, some homeowners try to handle deck projects on their own. However, no matter how efficient your tools are, there is still a crucial step that you need to put into consideration: making sure that your deck has the proper permits and is up to code.

Building a Deck to Code: What Does it Mean?

All infrastructures, buildings, and developments within a municipality should meet standard guidelines implemented in the local, provincial, and national laws. These comprise the depth of the foundations, the distance between a deck and a property line, the spacing of the support beams, and more. 

These guidelines are essential to ensure that all structures have the capacity to support weight and adhere to proper safety guidelines, which include fire safety precautions. All these are mandatory and should be abided to build structures. Without these, the structure will not pass the inspection, and you’ll need to perform removal or major upgrades.

Is a deck building permit required?

Although all decks must meet a standard code, not all building deck projects need a permit. Generally, whether or not a permit is necessary depends on the style, size, deck placement, some particular environmental factors, and the strategy to use or protect it.

The City of Calgary provides a comprehensive resource page to know if you’ll need a permit. You will need to secure a permit if the following conditions apply:

– The deck is bigger than 100 sq. ft.

– The deck is higher than 0.6 m (2’) from above the ground.

– You’re adding stairs to a balcony or an existing deck.

– You’re rebuilding, replacing, and extending an existing deck or balcony that is higher than 0.6 meters above the ground.

-The deck/balcony has or will have a roof attached to your house structure.

In some instances, building a patio or deck will only require a building permit. A development permit should also be obtained in some other cases, such as when there is a conflict with a land-use bylaw. A planning approval must be completed before a building permit is secured and submitted. The City of Calgary provides some links to details about the costs for the permit and the entire deck construction on its deck-building page.

 What are the possible consequences when building a deck without a permit?

There are consequences that you may experience when you build a deck without securing the proper treatment. For instance, deciding to rent, renovate, or sell the property with an unauthorized deck may cause some trouble.

Keep in mind that the deck should be properly inspected for safety purposes. If the deck does not distribute weight correctly, it may slide or twist, causing the whole structure to collapse. It can be more dangerous if there are people, open flames and propane tanks on the deck in case an accident happens.

If the deck project can pass an inspection, you may create an application for a retroactive permit instead. There can be added fees, which are usually more than double the original permit cost. You may need to spend additional money for upgrades, repairs, and inspections to make the structure up to code. In some extreme instances, the deck might be all damaged, and you’ll have to shell out money for disposal and demolition.


Making sure that you’re building a deck to code is not difficult as you may think. You can just refer to Calgary deck builders, and they will recommend the right materials, measurements, and the proper construction process. Keep in mind that there are significant guidelines and permits to follow and secure if you plan building a deck to code.  

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