Deck Repair

Choosing Between Deck Repair and Replacement Service

Owning a deck can be a wonderful and rewarding thing. It can make entertaining your family members and friends during the warmer seasons a lot easier. It can even give you access to storage space for gardening supplies, exercise equipment and anything else similar. It can be frustrating to realize, however, that your deck has any kind of problem.

It can be even more frustrating to decide whether to go forward with repair or replacement for it. If you’re searching for a qualified and seasoned deck builder in Calgary who can aid you with any and all of your requirements, all you have to do is reach out to our affable and knowledgeable team.

Should You Fix or Replace Your Deck Fully?


If your deck is on the newer side, it may have issues that aren’t that severe. If that’s the case, then a professional repair job may be sufficient for it. If you have deck railings that are no longer firm in their positions, then repair work may be enough to turn the situation around.

Other things that can point to the need for deck repair service are boards that have splinters, boards that have splits, erosion next to the posts and trembling railings. Since these issues in many situations aren’t too extreme, repair work can often get them under control pretty quickly and easily.

Decks never stay strong and dependable forever. If your deck is aging, then you should think about replacing it completely. If you realize that your deck has been giving you seemingly nonstop issues in recent times, then it’s probably totally worth replacing. That’s because paying for nonstop repair projects can get costly rapidly. It may be a lot more economical for you to go for replacement, instead.

How can you tell whether replacement is your best bet? Don’t just think about the age of your deck. Think about whether or not it has substantial destruction that’s conspicuous and therefore hard to ignore. If you pick up on openings that are rather sizable, replacement may be the way to go. If you pick up on any indications of massive termite infestations, the same thing applies.

Wood deterioration tends to be a severe deck problem. That’s the reason that you should never ever brush off hints of rotting even for half a second. This type of rot has the tendency to travel in a speedy manner. It makes the existing structures of decks a lot less powerful as well. If you realize that your deck has out of nowhere become a haven for rotting, then you should contemplate replacing it in its entirety as soon as you can.

Contact the Talented Team at YYC Builders

Are you waiting for skilled professionals who can assist you with deck repair or deck replacement service in Calgary? Call us at YYC Builders at any time to get your hands on a quote. Our deck aficionados all use first-class equipment and techniques.

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Composite Decking

Analyzing Your Available Deck Options Like a Champion

Installing a deck can be a wonderful thing for a plenitude of reasons. Doing so can boost the curb appeal and value of your residential property, first of all. If you’re the proud owner of a sturdy and visually appealing deck, then it may help you sell your home for a higher price tag.

Deck installation can also greatly improve your lifestyle. It can give you the opportunity to entertain the people you care about the most with more freedom and convenience during the summer season. It can even give you more home storage space for gardening supplies, outdoor equipment, toys, and more.

Don’t ever assume that all decks are exactly the same, however. If you want to make a logical and smart deck choice, it can help you significantly to analyze your vinyl and composite options. Calgary deck builders can tell you everything you need to know.

The Wonders of Vinyl Decking and Composite Decking


Vinyl or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) decking consists of a plastic that’s part of the high-density category. People appreciate this plastic for many diverse reasons. Maintaining it, first and foremost, is generally a piece of cake. It isn’t prone to splintering at all, either.

Composite decking consists of plastic and fiber components that have been recycled. That’s the reason that people often consider it to be a material that’s kind to the environment. This decking is the polar opposite of heavy and awkward. It’s reminiscent of authentic wood as well.

It isn’t critical just to grasp the definitions of composite and vinyl decking. Beyond learning the definitions, it can help you to understand the qualities that make both choices so appealing to the members of the general public. Vinyl decks aren’t at all vulnerable to the emergence of stains.

If you want to invest in a deck that won’t make you have to live in fear of unsightly and noticeable discoloration, then vinyl may be right up your alley. It isn’t even prone to significant fading in times of intense sunlight. If you have concerns about the sun’s ultraviolet rays doing a number on the appearance of your deck, vinyl can give you a degree of welcome peace of mind.

Vinyl can come in handy for people who have jam-packed schedules. That’s due to the fact that it doesn’t call for routine staining, painting or sanding upkeep.

Composite decking can be a biggie for folks who appreciate variety. It’s on hand in a dazzling assortment of memorable designs, colors and textures. It’s not a risk for people who have major concerns that relate to harm that is brought on by pesky insects. It’s not a risk for people who worry about rotting, either. Cleaning composite decking is simple and only calls for the use of basic water and soap blend.

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Call the YYC Builders staff to learn more about composite decking and vinyl decking installation specialties. Our team members are detail-oriented deck wizards.

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Is Your Deck Builder Reliable? 4 Signs to Look For

Building a deck for your home? You want to have the best deck builder for your property, and you have probably looked around and asked for referrals—that’s great! However, if you’re still not convinced or you still want to ensure you’re making the right decision, here are some signs of a good deck builder you should know about: 

They Offer Comprehensive Warranty

The weather can be extremely unpredictable, and since your deck will be exposed to the ever-changing weather conditions and harsh elements, you want to make sure it can withstand them. Aside from using the right materials, there should also be a good warranty. 

A comprehensive warranty is a mark of a good deck builder. This shows that the builder cares about their customers, and at the same time, they have confidence in their workmanship. 

Double-check the details of warranty when you get a quote so you won’t have to deal with costly surprises when the time comes.

They Don’t Sell You Additional Services

Some features and designs may make your deck look better, but if it’s only for purely aesthetic purposes that are unnecessary, you won’t hear it from a reliable deck builder. If a builder pressures you to upgrade to the most expensive option available, especially if your mind is already made up, it’s a warning sign. 

Their Previous Works Are Available Online

A deck builder must have a gallery of photos that showcase their previous works. This only shows that they are proud of the work they’ve done, and they make an effort to provide customers with visuals of their work. However, if you’re only seeing short descriptions of what they did and what they can do with no photos to back them up, then you might want to think again. In this case, ask the builder if they can provide you with photos of their previous works. 

They’re Easy to Contact

Your deck builder should be easily reachable and will provide you with clear and transparent information. You don’t want to get stuck with a deck builder who’s hard to reach. Observe the initial quote and meeting process and assess the situation. Is it hassle-free? Are they pleasant? 

It’s also a good idea to contact their customer service to see how quickly and clearly they respond to questions they may have. The deck-building process can be a tedious one, and you may have some questions in the middle of the project. It’s crucial that you get to contact the builder immediately. 


Building a deck on your property is a good idea, but you need to ensure it’s the best one. You can only achieve this if you have a good deck builder who will work with you through the process and bring your vision to life. These signs will help you determine if the builder is someone you should work with. Find a builder that puts a check on all these signs so you can have a deck that’s durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

YYC Builders is one of the best Calgary deck builders today. We are committed to providing a complete and fun experience from start to finish when building your new deck. Contact us today!


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The 4 Best Deck Materials To Use for a Summer To Remember

Winters are gloomy, sad, and dark. Although the happiest holiday happens during this time, no one can deny that the snow and freezing temperatures aren’t always fun! Calgary can have icy winters, making it difficult to enjoy the outdoors or even almost impossible. Although, once the summer months come around, you’re free to spend your days under the sun as much as you want!

Time flies when you’re having fun—the summer season never stays for long, does it? Since the sunny skies, warm breeze, and lush, green landscapes don’t last long enough, it’s essential to make the most out of the time that you do have. Why not make this a summer to remember by building a deck for your home?

Upgrade Your Home With a Deck 

Spending as much time outside doesn’t have to mean leaving your house—you can still have the best summer of your life by having a cocktail party with friends, setting up fun activities with the family, or simply basking in the sun, enjoying your own company! 

When you have a deck, you can experience all of this and more.

The Best Deck Materials to Use

Now, building a deck isn’t as easy as draping new curtains or replacing your front door—it is a pretty big construction project. The process of creating a deck in your backyard definitely won’t be easy; from finding a Calgary deck builder to finalizing the design, you’re bound to have a few hiccups here and there.

The process of having a deck built will undoubtedly be challenging, and you should expect some delays and mistakes throughout the whole ordeal. However, if there’s one thing that you can’t afford to be wrong about, it would be the material you’re building the deck with.

The decking material is crucial! If you come to regret your choice, there will be no going back. Read through our list below so that you can make the right decision for your deck.

Pressure-Treated Wood

This is arguably the most popular material for decks, mainly because of its durability. Since the wood has been chemically treated, it can ward off insects, reduce the risk of fungal decay, and withstand mould and insects. On top of all of that, this type of wood is also priced quite reasonably.

Exotic Hardwood

Nothing exudes luxury more than exotic hardwood. Aside from being one of the most expensive natural materials, this type of wood is grainy, durable, and resistant to rotting and insects. 

If you’ve been looking for something special for your deck that will boost your property’s aesthetic value, then this is it!


Many deck specialists and Calgary deck builders agree that a composite deck is among the best options for homeowners. 

Composite decking materials are made from recycled wood fibres and plastic. Given that, you won’t have to worry about warping, splinters, wood rot, or insects, as these are made to be durable enough to withstand even the harshest of environmental elements!

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

Unlike the other materials mentioned, PVC decks are entirely synthetic. You won’t need to do any maintenance, as they hold their colour and are difficult to scratch. Just like the other materials, PVC isn’t susceptible to water and insect damage. 


You can never go wrong with having a private deck in your backyard! Whatever kind of lifestyle you lead, you can have your summer fun in your backyard, as long as you have a deck. Make sure to hire a skilled team of Calgary deck builders and choose the suitable material to use so that you can make unforgettable summer memories on your deck!

Are you planning to have a deck built by your home? Leave it to the best deck builders in Calgary to do the job! Our team at YYC Builders commits to providing a complete, professional, and fun experience from start to finish when planning and building your new deck. Get a quote today!

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Fun Family Activities to Do Outdoors By The Home Deck

Now that staying indoors is the new norm, it would be fun if the whole family decides to do some activities outdoors. While there might be some dangers in going out into the world, but there are still safe ways to explore the outside world with the family. 

You could use your home’s deck to host many of these activities. While this might not exactly be a trip to nature, it is a fair compromise that doesn’t put your family at risk. Here are some good ways to get started:

1: Game Night With the Family

If you are looking for a bonding activity all family members can enjoy, a game night is a perfect idea. Apart from the opportunity to enjoy a fun time together, playing games can develop the kid’s social and cognitive skills. Instead of playing these games inside a room, why not bring the fun outside where you can see the moon? Make it a tradition and invite more people once the situation gets better.

2: Mini-Concerts

If the family loves playing music, a mini-concert by the deck would be a lovely idea. Because the deck is already elevated, a concert by the deck is great as it can act as a stage. You would indeed have a memorable night witnessing people sing along to the music, especially when someone in the family knows how to play an instrument. It is way better than playing music through a Bluetooth speaker.

3: Sleepovers

If your kiddos love the idea of camping and sleeping under the stars, you can do it safely by hosting a sleepover party by your deck. Using only sleeping bags, your kids would surely enjoy a night in “nature.” It is also an excellent way to observe the stars, feel the breeze, and witness how nature unfolds. Make sure to keep the night extra fun for the kids by serving their favourite snacks and drinks.

4: Dance the Night Away

If you are a music lover but do not necessarily play instruments, you can always have a fun party night instead. Decorate your deck and surround it with great speakers and lights. All you need to do is drink, have fun, and dance the night away. Nothing beats worry and doubts than having a great dance on a beautiful evening,

5: Have an Outdoor Movie Night

If the family enjoys relaxing while watching a good film, you can always transform your deck into an outdoor theatre. All you need is a projector, a white screen, and some cozy chairs to chill in. Enjoy the cool breeze and have fun watching a good movie together. It is like a drive-in experience, but much better. You can also bring more food since everything you need is just by your door. 


If you are looking for more options besides the regular BBQ night, try any activities enumerated here and enjoy the night with your family. Nothing is more fun than spending time with the people you treasure. Make the experience more memorable by hosting it right in your deck. With these activities, you get to have fun right within your home. 

If you have no deck at home yet, perhaps it is time to build one. YYC Builders is your trusted deck builder in Calgary that promises construction you can count on. We commit to providing a complete, professional, and fun experience from beginning to end. Contact us today at 1 (403) 629-6640 to experience it first hand. 

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deck and fence

How to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Your Deck and Fence

Whether you’re trying to sell your residential property or not, curb appeal matters! Aside from improving your house’s interior, you should also update the look of the outside of your home. The inside of your residence may be the most important part of your property, as that is where you sleep, eat, and lounge around—but the exterior is essential, too!

The Benefits of Having a Deck

The outdoor space is just as important as the interior of your home. Your deck isn’t just for decoration; it also extends the usable space of your home. Depending on your lifestyle and preference, you can place plants and bird feeders to serve as an area to enjoy nature, or you can also put your griller by the deck for fun barbeque weekends during the warmer months. 

Compared to room additions or other renovation projects, installing a deck can be a bit costly. However, the final price still depends on the type of materials that you use! Many bespoke deck builders can offer their services at reasonable prices, so you can get the deck of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Beautifying the Deck on a Budget

You don’t need much to improve the overall look and feel of your yard. With just a few additions and changes here and there, you can completely transform your space and turn it into the best area of your home.

If you aren’t fond of the idea of sizzling under the hot sunlight, then you can add shade to your outdoor living area by adding a pergola. A pergola can extend your living space, allowing you to have walkable space outside to increase your outdoor exposure. With one of these, you can have an enjoyable time during the warm afternoons without worrying about the heat!

You can also have deck builders near you construct railings around your deck for increased safety, privacy, and style. You can do so much with railings, such as attach lighting fixtures, place potted plants for a mini hanging garden, or decorate them in accordance with your hobbies!

Why You Need to Fence Your Home

When it comes to curb appeal, first impressions matter and your fence will play an integral part in it. A fence may just be what your home has been missing! Aside from your mailbox or the exterior paint of your house, beautiful fencing can help create a great impression and make your home most appealing from all of the houses in the neighbourhood.

Instead of seeing a continuous section of turf, having local fence builders create a boundary to break up the yard will add extra dimension and height—making your residence feel at home in the landscape. Fencing that stretches along the border of your property can also add a sense of privacy while enhancing your greenery at the same time.

What Makes a Perfect Fence?

The right fence depends on the appearance of your house and lawn, but you can’t go wrong with adding wooden accents. Adding wood by putting posts alongside your fence gate or having a piece of wood extending above the gate can make the entrance to your property look more impressive.

The colour of your fence is also up to your preference—but if you’re trying to sell your property, you should choose a light colour so that the home looks more comfortable and relaxing. Prospective buyers would be more open to considering your property if it looks welcoming. On the other hand, you can use black on fencing made of wrought iron to make it look classy and regal!


You don’t need to have a major renovation to improve your curb appeal. Just a few changes to your deck and fence here and there will make all the difference! If you’re thinking of making more significant changes to your outdoor space, you should reach out to skilled deck and fence builders near you to help you bring your vision to life.

Do you want to upgrade your outdoor space by adding some fences or a deck? Leave it to our fence and deck builders in Calgary to do the job! We at YYC Builders commit to providing a complete, professional, and fun experience from start to finish when planning and building your new deck or fence. Get in touch with us today!

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house deck

5 Usual Errors You Shouldn’t Make When Building Your Deck

A deck can be a beautiful addition to the home, creating a space where you can soak up a little sun and enjoy a fresh breeze. It can also increase your curb appeal when it successfully compliments your home as a whole.

However, a mistake or two can have the opposite impact on your property. Being aware of the common errors may help remind you of the importance of paying close attention to detail and why you may need professional Calgary deck builders instead of doing it yourself. 

Here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

Getting Incompatible Material

It’s understandable to choose the deck material based on what looks pretty, but when visual appeal is the sole factor, you will pay for the choice in the long run. The deck is out and exposed every single day, meaning it has to bear the brunt of each season. It will have to endure rain or shine and snow or ice, some seasons more than others in certain areas. 

If you have the means and the budget, the best decking material would be composite decking. The most affordable and ideal material for a deck is pressure-treated lumber, as it has more water-resistant properties while being very durable. 

Choosing The Wrong Footers

Aside from the material, you may choose the wrong footers. Your deck will require proper support, especially when you bring out the extra chairs and have a few people standing on it for a small gathering. If you don’t have the proper footing, the deck may suddenly collapse, ruining all your hard work.

Get proper support by having a deck contractor determine the correct footers for your deck and putting them in place for you. That way, you can dance easily on the deck without feeling it start to tremble.

Incorrectly Installing Hardware

Footers aren’t the only thing you can install when deckbuilding; the nails, screws, boards, fasteners, joist hangers and more have to be installed to ensure the durability of the deck. Even if you get the highest quality hardware, it won’t be of any use if it’s improperly installed. You would also be using up more time to remove it and put it back.

The process shouldn’t be rushed as every part of the work on each corner should be inspected. A deck contractor can take that task off your hand and install everything for you with no mistakes made at all. 

Forgetting to Seal The Wood

When you feel like every board and nail is in place, hit pause for a second. Remember to use some wood sealer on your deck before calling it a day. Even good decking material can deteriorate and chip off easily if the wood isn’t sealed in properly. 

Placing Handrails at an Inconvenient Height

Slightly higher decks would require the need of a handrail to stop falls and reduce more injuries. However, it can create the opposite effect when placed too low or when it’s just entirely absent. Young children and adults can become a victim of falling from the deck.


A deck shouldn’t just be aesthetically appealing, but it should also be properly functional. It is completely possible to have glamour hand in hand with proper construction at the end of the day so that you can have the most pleasant deck on the block.

Looking for deck builders in Calgary? YCC Builders helps customers have the best decks and fences to fulfill their dream home. Get in touch with us today!

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wooden deck

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Builder for Your Deck

Looking for a great way to add more value to your home? Then perhaps building a deck is just what you need. A kitchen or a bathroom renovation is a safer choice, but a deck can be an excellent addition to your home, especially if it was done by a professional builder. There are many Calgary deck builders out there that could really spruce up your home with a brand new deck. If you’re not convinced why you should hire a builder, then here are four compelling reasons why you should.

Proper Deck Installation

Building an entire deck isn’t as simple as many people think. It involves a lot of skill for just the installation. The design and vision of the actual deck need a professional touch to make sure that everything falls into place. You need someone who has experience and can make sure the installation is done the right way. Deck builders in Calgary can offer their expertise on the proper design and installation of a deck and have the right tools to execute it.

Save Money

Now, it’s natural to think that hiring a professional comes with a cost, and that much is true. But what homeowners fail to realize is that hiring a professional is the only way to reduce the cost of building a deck. Many people just assume that going the DIY route means they’re saving a lot of money. What they don’t account for is that you need to source all the materials and even buy the equipment on your own. If you think about it, that’s a huge waste of money for a project that you’re probably only going to do once. Let professional builders provide the equipment and find just the right materials for your deck.

Save Time

Hiring a professional deck builder can also save you a lot of time. Yes, time is a cost that not all homeowners can afford to spend by building a deck. Not to mention, building it on your own can eat up a lot of your time and may take weeks and months to finish. On the other hand, professional deck and fence builders in Calgary are strict with their timelines and can deliver a better job in the shortest possible time. While they do their work, you’re free to do other things that require your attention.

Follow Building Codes

As with any construction project, you need to adhere to your local city or municipality’s strict building codes and regulations. Professional builders are capable of building to code and get all the necessary permits required for the job. Without the proper permits, your deck will most likely be torn down and even run the risk of being liable for any injury to workers that may be involved in an accident while working on your project. A good deck builder understands all these regulations and will make sure to follow them to the letter.


Looking at all these reasons, there’s no question that a deck-building project requires a steady and professional hand to successfully complete. You don’t have to worry about getting all the materials and the permits you need to start your project. Just leave to the capable hands of the builders and see the fruits of their labour.

Looking for home improvement professionals that can help you build your dream deck? Turn to YYC Builders, a Calgary fence builder and deck construction company you can trust. We only use the highest quality materials and industry standards when building your deck. Contact us today to get a quote.

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Calgary deck builder - Calgary deck builders

The Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Decking Materials

A deck at home is a nice place to reflect or hold recreational activities for family and friends. If you plan to build a deck for your house anytime soon, choosing the right material is one of the first steps you need to take. Unfortunately, gone are the days when there were only a few materials to choose from. Today, there are dozens of different decking materials. Before you start construction, you need to know your best options. 

This article will help you understand what you need to know about your decking material options. Here are the three most popular materials considered for deck building and their respective pros and cons.

Material 1: Pressure-Treated Wood

If you are looking for a stunning yet affordable material for your deck, you should consider pressure-treated wood. The wood is subjected to high pressure, making it resistant to insect damage and moisture. In short, this material is strong enough to resist wear and tear without letting you break the bank. 

This material is a popular option because of its low price point and durability. It is a material that is easy to fasten and results in a beautiful deck. The only downside is that the material has a higher tendency to crack or warp because it uses non-toxic treatment chemicals that are not as effective as their toxic counterparts. However, this disadvantage also makes it a healthier material for home use. 

Material 2: Composites

Composites are a mixture of wood fibres and recycled plastic, producing an artificial wood-like material for decks. While they are artificially made, the following characteristics make them perfect for your deck:

  • They neither warp nor splinter
  • They do not rot, nor do they get damaged by insects
  • They do not require that much maintenance
  • They come in different textures, colours, and styles.

However, since composites are partially wood, mould and mildew could grow if parts of your deck are exposed to moisture. They are also prone to decay and could also be pricier, depending on the manufacturer. 

Material 3: Cedar Wood

Another option for wood is cedar. This material is a crowd favourite because of its natural beauty, rich colour, and natural resistance to decaying, rotting, and insects. This option might also be expensive, but they are lightweight, highly dense, and strong. 

It is the perfect option for houses in locations with inclement weather conditions. However, you need to make sure that you use protectants to ensure that your cedar retains its rich colour. Otherwise, it could change into a soft grey after a while. You also need to find the best grades of cedar for decking before committing. 


There are many good materials for decking. Before deciding which one to use, you need to identify what suits your needs best. Consider your budget, location, weather, and how you plan to use your deck. If you are clueless, consult with an expert to identify the best material for your home deck. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best materials, the items above are among the best choices. 

Should you need help from professional deck builders in Calgary, YYC Builders is just one call away. Our goal is to provide our clients with complete, professional, and fun solutions to their decking problems. We do not stop until our clients are satisfied. Call us at 1-403-629-6640 or email us at [email protected] to get a quote.


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Calgary Deck Builders: Building a Deck to Code

Upgrading and building a deck on a property can contribute to an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a summer day. To achieve that idealistic goal on a budget, some homeowners try to handle deck projects on their own. However, no matter how efficient your tools are, there is still a crucial step that you need to put into consideration: making sure that your deck has the proper permits and is up to code.

Building a Deck to Code: What Does it Mean?

All infrastructures, buildings, and developments within a municipality should meet standard guidelines implemented in the local, provincial, and national laws. These comprise the depth of the foundations, the distance between a deck and a property line, the spacing of the support beams, and more. 

These guidelines are essential to ensure that all structures have the capacity to support weight and adhere to proper safety guidelines, which include fire safety precautions. All these are mandatory and should be abided to build structures. Without these, the structure will not pass the inspection, and you’ll need to perform removal or major upgrades.

Is a deck building permit required?

Although all decks must meet a standard code, not all building deck projects need a permit. Generally, whether or not a permit is necessary depends on the style, size, deck placement, some particular environmental factors, and the strategy to use or protect it.

The City of Calgary provides a comprehensive resource page to know if you’ll need a permit. You will need to secure a permit if the following conditions apply:

– The deck is bigger than 100 sq. ft.

– The deck is higher than 0.6 m (2’) from above the ground.

– You’re adding stairs to a balcony or an existing deck.

– You’re rebuilding, replacing, and extending an existing deck or balcony that is higher than 0.6 meters above the ground.

-The deck/balcony has or will have a roof attached to your house structure.

In some instances, building a patio or deck will only require a building permit. A development permit should also be obtained in some other cases, such as when there is a conflict with a land-use bylaw. A planning approval must be completed before a building permit is secured and submitted. The City of Calgary provides some links to details about the costs for the permit and the entire deck construction on its deck-building page.

 What are the possible consequences when building a deck without a permit?

There are consequences that you may experience when you build a deck without securing the proper treatment. For instance, deciding to rent, renovate, or sell the property with an unauthorized deck may cause some trouble.

Keep in mind that the deck should be properly inspected for safety purposes. If the deck does not distribute weight correctly, it may slide or twist, causing the whole structure to collapse. It can be more dangerous if there are people, open flames and propane tanks on the deck in case an accident happens.

If the deck project can pass an inspection, you may create an application for a retroactive permit instead. There can be added fees, which are usually more than double the original permit cost. You may need to spend additional money for upgrades, repairs, and inspections to make the structure up to code. In some extreme instances, the deck might be all damaged, and you’ll have to shell out money for disposal and demolition.


Making sure that you’re building a deck to code is not difficult as you may think. You can just refer to Calgary deck builders, and they will recommend the right materials, measurements, and the proper construction process. Keep in mind that there are significant guidelines and permits to follow and secure if you plan building a deck to code.  

Looking for deck builders in Calgary who help you? YYC Builders is the best one you can count on! Our team of professionals offers services such as deck constructions, home renovations, and fence building. You can expect top-notch quality and professionalism in every project we handle. Get in touch with us today to get a quote!

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