5 Usual Errors You Shouldn’t Make When Building Your Deck

A deck can be a beautiful addition to the home, creating a space where you can soak up a little sun and enjoy a fresh breeze. It can also increase your curb appeal when it successfully compliments your home as a whole.

However, a mistake or two can have the opposite impact on your property. Being aware of the common errors may help remind you of the importance of paying close attention to detail and why you may need professional Calgary deck builders instead of doing it yourself. 

Here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

Getting Incompatible Material

It’s understandable to choose the deck material based on what looks pretty, but when visual appeal is the sole factor, you will pay for the choice in the long run. The deck is out and exposed every single day, meaning it has to bear the brunt of each season. It will have to endure rain or shine and snow or ice, some seasons more than others in certain areas. 

If you have the means and the budget, the best decking material would be composite decking. The most affordable and ideal material for a deck is pressure-treated lumber, as it has more water-resistant properties while being very durable. 

Choosing The Wrong Footers

Aside from the material, you may choose the wrong footers. Your deck will require proper support, especially when you bring out the extra chairs and have a few people standing on it for a small gathering. If you don’t have the proper footing, the deck may suddenly collapse, ruining all your hard work.

Get proper support by having a deck contractor determine the correct footers for your deck and putting them in place for you. That way, you can dance easily on the deck without feeling it start to tremble.

Incorrectly Installing Hardware

Footers aren’t the only thing you can install when deckbuilding; the nails, screws, boards, fasteners, joist hangers and more have to be installed to ensure the durability of the deck. Even if you get the highest quality hardware, it won’t be of any use if it’s improperly installed. You would also be using up more time to remove it and put it back.

The process shouldn’t be rushed as every part of the work on each corner should be inspected. A deck contractor can take that task off your hand and install everything for you with no mistakes made at all. 

Forgetting to Seal The Wood

When you feel like every board and nail is in place, hit pause for a second. Remember to use some wood sealer on your deck before calling it a day. Even good decking material can deteriorate and chip off easily if the wood isn’t sealed in properly. 

Placing Handrails at an Inconvenient Height

Slightly higher decks would require the need of a handrail to stop falls and reduce more injuries. However, it can create the opposite effect when placed too low or when it’s just entirely absent. Young children and adults can become a victim of falling from the deck.


A deck shouldn’t just be aesthetically appealing, but it should also be properly functional. It is completely possible to have glamour hand in hand with proper construction at the end of the day so that you can have the most pleasant deck on the block.

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