Patio Roofs in Calgary: Types and Ideas

Patio roofs in Calgary, Alberta offer the perfect opportunity to enhance your outdoor living space and how you enjoy your yard. However, picking the right material, cover, and design to go along with your home and patio might not be easy. Luckily, we’ve come up with the ultimate guide on the patio roofs in Calgary and how to make them work for your space.

What Is a Patio Roof?

Patio roofs are structures designed to provide shade and shelter for a patio or deck. They’re often referred to as patio covers and are typically supported by columns or posts. They can be attached to the main building or stand completely independently.

Benefits of Patio Roofs

Patio roofs in Calgary bring a host of advantages that can greatly improve your outdoor living experience. First and foremost, they offer protection from the elements, shielding your patio area from direct sunlight, rain, and other weather conditions. This means you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round, regardless of the weather. 

With a patio roof, comfort is significantly improved. By providing much-needed shade, it helps to reduce the heat on hot days, making it more pleasant to spend time outside.

Additionally, Calgary patio covers add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. They can be designed to complement the architectural style of your property, creating a cohesive and attractive look.

Moreover, patio cover installation can increase the value of your property. It’s a desirable feature that potential buyers often look for, as it improves both the functionality and the visual appeal of the home. So, not only do you get to enjoy a more versatile and comfortable outdoor space, but you also make a smart investment in your home’s future.

Patio Roof vs Pergola

Both a patio roof and a pergola can enhance outdoor spaces but serve different purposes and offer distinct benefits. A patio roof is a solid cover that provides full protection from rain, sun, and other weather conditions, making it possible to use your patio year-round.

On the other hand, a pergola features an open lattice or slatted roof, providing partial shade while allowing some sunlight and air to filter through. Pergolas are often used to create a decorative focal point and can be combined with climbing plants or fabric for added shade. They offer a more open, airy feel compared to the enclosed nature of a patio roof.

Types of Patio Roof Materials

Patio covers come in many different materials, which means you’ll have your pick for your Calgary home. 

Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate roofing is a favourite for its lightweight yet strong and durable nature. It can withstand extreme temperatures, both high and low. Typically transparent, polycarbonate allows natural sunlight to filter through, creating a bright and open space.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing, often made from aluminum, is known for its durability and strength. However, it requires more maintenance than some other materials and doesn’t hold up as well under harsh weather conditions.

Vinyl Roofing

Vinyl roofing is an economical choice that provides good protection from heat and rain. It’s one of the more affordable options, making it a practical solution for many homeowners.

Wood Patio Roofing

For those who love a natural look with intricate detailing, wood patio roofing is ideal. It creates a beautiful outdoor space but requires high maintenance and isn’t the best option for rainy climates.

Fabric Patio Roofing or Covers

Fabric roofing uses materials like PVC-coated polyester or PTFE-coated glass cloth, protecting from rain and harmful UV rays. It’s great for creating extra weather-protected spaces at home or the office.

Glass Patio Roof

A glass roof patio offers protection from various weather conditions except for direct sunlight, so remember your sunscreen and sunglasses. For a modern touch, consider adding a black metal frame to your glass patio roof.

Designs and Alternatives for Patio Roofs in Calgary

Patio roofs in Calgary require a lot of consideration due to the harsh Canadian climate. Here are just a few types of patio covers that will ensure you reap all the benefits. 

Solid Roofs

Solid patio roofs provide complete protection from Calgary’s unpredictable weather, including snow and hail. They’re sturdy and can be integrated seamlessly with your home’s architecture for a cohesive look.


Pergolas are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. They feature an open lattice roof that provides partial shade and allows for some airflow, making them great for enjoying the sun while still having some protection.

Retractable Patio Awnings

If you’re looking for versatility, consider retractable patio awnings because you can extend them, provide shade when needed and retract to enjoy the sunlight. They’re practical for Calgary’s sunny days and can withstand light rain.


Gazebos provide shade and protection from wind, making them suitable for both relaxation and entertaining guests. As they’re freestanding structures, they offer a more enclosed feel compared to pergolas. 

Custom Patio Roofs in Calgary

Tailored to your specific preferences and the layout of your outdoor space. Whether you want a unique shape, additional features like built-in lighting or heating, or specific materials to match your home’s aesthetic, custom patio roofs ensure you get exactly what you envision.

Choose YYC Builders for Your Patio Roofs in Calgary

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