The Pros and Cons of Different Deck and Fence Materials for Calgary Climates

When building a deck or fence in Calgary, selecting the appropriate materials is paramount. Due to our harsh climate, you need materials that can withstand temperature changes, precipitation, and UV exposure. In this article, we’ll look at both the pros and cons of different deck and fence materials suitable for Calgary climates.

Wood is a popular choice for decks and fences due to its natural beauty and affordability. However, regular upkeep is necessary in order to protect it from rot, insects, and weathering. In Calgary’s dry and arid climate, wood may become brittle or crack over time if not selected from species known for durability such as cedar or redwood; additionally, make sure you apply protective finishes regularly.

Composite decking and fencing offer homeowners the look of wood without needing regular upkeep. Composites are composed of wood fibers mixed with plastic, making them durable, resistant to rot, insects, and weathering. Plus they’re eco-friendly since they use recycled materials. However, these may be more costly than wood alternatives and some homeowners don’t prefer the synthetic material’s look.

Vinyl fencing is a popular option for fences due to its affordability, low-maintenance nature, and wide selection of colors and styles. Additionally, it’s resistant to fading, cracking and weathering – perfect for Calgary’s harsh climate. However, vinyl can be more costly than wood and not as eco-friendly as other materials.

Aluminum is an extremely durable and low-maintenance material perfect for decks and fences. It resists rust, rot and weathering well in Calgary’s climate. Aluminum also comes in various styles and colors – however it may be more expensive than other materials due to its aesthetic appeal. Some homeowners don’t prefer the look of aluminum at all though.

Steel is an incredibly strong material resistant to weathering, rust and rot. It’s strong enough for high winds and heavy snow loads; making it suitable for fences and decks alike. Steel comes in various styles and colors but tends to be more expensive than other materials due to regular maintenance required to prevent rusting.

In conclusion, when selecting deck and fence materials for Calgary climates, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option. While wood is an affordable and popular option, regular upkeep is required to protect it from weathering. Composite, vinyl, aluminum, and steel are all durable yet low-maintenance options but may be more costly than wood.

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