Highly recommended and relatively inexpensive. G-tape, is a strong and durable tape that can be used for a variety of applications. When used for deck applications, G-tape provides several benefits that can help increase the longevity of a deck. When building with composite or PVC materials you have a lifetime product, G-tape will help the joists last as long as the composite materials. 

  • Joists will be better protected against water damage and will last longer.
  • A strong adhesive that creates a tight seal between the deck boards and the joists. This seal helps to prevent moisture from getting trapped between the boards and the joists, which can lead to rot and decay over time.
  • Highly resistant to temperature changes and UV rays. This means that it will not deteriorate or break down due to exposure to the sun, rain, or extreme temperatures.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting, so once it is applied, there is no need to worry about replacing or repairing it anytime soon. This makes G-tape a cost-effective solution for deck construction and maintenance.

Deck Accent Lighting

  • Stair riser lights
  • Surface lights
  • Railing post lights

Pillar/support post wrapping options

  • Stucco
  • Composite
  • Stone – TBD Price based on selection
  • Siding (match your home)
  • Smart/Hardy board


Deck skirting is a great way to complete the look of a deck while enclosing the bottom side. Useful for keeping pests and rodents out or adding an access hatch can provide a storage area.
Pricing based on material selection sq footage and design

  • Composite
  • Wood, cedar or pressure treated
  • Smart/hardy board
  • Stone/rock
  • Lattice


We offer all types of railing from wood, aluminum, composite, vinyl and more. Most recommended railing is aluminum because it’s maintenance free and budget friendly. Composite railings have more options for design and accessories but it comes at a higher cost. 
To learn more about composite railings you can visit Timbertech Azek or Trex websites.

Railing types – 

  • Aluminum ⅝” picket railing (most common).
  • Aluminum and glass railing 3.5ft tall.
  • Topless glass railing with 10mm glass.
  •  Wood railing with 2×2” pickets (Cedar or pressure treated).
  • Wood railing with round aluminum pickets.
  • Vinyl/Pvc railing.
  • Composite railing.
  • Post and wire railing.
  • Bar tops can be added on railings

Stair sets

Typically these will be discussed and during your initial sales meeting but we can list some options here for you to consider.

  • Standard stair set – A direct path from the deck down to your yard
  • Platform stair set – We can add a platform at the top of your deck or mid way down the stairs to change direction and better utilize space in your yard. We can also build a platform at your door as a small landing before a stair set leads down to the main deck
  • Pyramid stair sets are a great way to lead from a high set back door to a lower deck surface. A lower deck surface can be desirable for a few reasons such as – no need for railings or more privacy
  • Spiral stair sets can be custom fabricated to match your deck and will take up much less yard space than a traditional stair set
  • Wrap around stairs


A pergola is a great way to add more to your outdoor living space with many options for design. It can have an added roof to keep things dry or provide shade and have accessories added such as

  • Retractable or stationary screens
  • Retractable or stationary overhead shade sail
  • Lighting

Privacy screens

Privacy/ wind screens are always a great addition to a deck that provide some shelter from the elements or some privacy from neighbors who might have a clear view into an area you would be sitting.  With many options and designs this can really be an eye catching feature. 

  • Aluminum and glass
  • All aluminum
  • Composite
  • vinyl/PVC
  • Cedar or pressure treated wood
  • Wide variety of aluminum or plastic inserts with designs

Beam wrap

The beam is the deck’s main support that runs between the 6×6 support posts, labeled on your estimate as 3 ply laminated beam. This can be finished in 

  • Composite materials
  • Aluminum flashing
  • Hardy/Smart board primed for paint application

Screw piles

Unless otherwise requested at the time of the sales estimate your quote is based on using traditional cement piles for the decks foundation. Screw piles are a engineered foundation and some benefits are

  • 75yr plus lifetime
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Load capacity that far exceeds traditional cement piles
  • Ease of removal when no longer needed.
  • No digging/ removal of dirt needed

Waterproofing options

When you wish to keep the underside of your deck dry and have coverage from rain we offer

  • Trex rain escape system. This is a waterproof membrane between the deck’s surface boards and joists. It channels the water to the front edge of the deck into a eavestrough and to a downspout
  • Vinyl/Duradek surface prevents water from draining through the deck surface and by adding slope to the deck the water runs off the end of the deck

Underside of deck covering -  (only applicable with a waterproof deck)

Mainly for aesthetic purposes covering the underside of your deck can enhance the look of your deck by covering up the joist/framework. If there is a living space under the deck such as a stone or cement patio or an additional deck this completes the area.

  • Soffit to match the home
  • Tongue and groove cedar
  • Composite deck boards
  • Smart/hardy board

Paint and stain

When building with wood options paint or stain is a great option to protect the wood and prolong its lifespan. It also can enhance the look of your project and can be used in two tone applications to make it pop! Highly recommended when building with cedar.

Partners and Certifications

Timber Town
Timber Tech Gold
Trex Pro
The Cedar Shop

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