Branding Your Borders: 4 Great Fence Designs for Your Lawn

After owning your property for a couple of years, you must already be researching the many ways to improve its property value. Homeowners don’t necessarily have to wait to sell their homes before making substantial home improvements and upgrades. In fact, it’s better to start practical improvements that you can benefit from while you’re still living on your property.

While some homeowners prefer to make interior adjustments to their home, performing exterior additions has its merits. Developing your home’s curb appeal through exterior renovations contributes to your property’s marketability. Besides giving you more appeal to potential buyers, these external additions can also lead to diversifying what your property has to offer. If you’re not yet ready for a deck or patio, you can start by decorating your fences.

Branding your borders for protection and curb appeal

Fences have a simple and practical application of setting your property’s borders. Besides designating the coverage of your property, it also doubles as a security and aesthetic addition to your home. With numerous fence designs to choose from, you can reinforce your property’s appeal through elegance, protection, and flair!

In this article, we’ll share four great fence designs you can install around your property.

Picket fences

A classic design modelled after American homes; picket fences are timeless components of a traditional American household. Its functional yet aesthetic design of evenly spaced slats topped off with a round or pointed head can create a durable barrier of protection. It’s equal parts charming and welcoming, especially for homes with rustic designs.

Lattice fences

Another popular design is the crisscrossed layout of lattice fences. These interlaced slats forming a crisscross pattern can be an excellent addition to interior fences. Although they’re generally more exposed than picket fences, they add a great look to gardens and backyards. Lattice fences work great when you pair them with trellises and greenhouses to promote vine plant growth. Keep in mind that lattice fences will be tough to clean due to their unique design. However, if you’re willing to put in the work, it can be an eye-catching addition to your home.

Chain link fences

If you want to impose a strong level of security on your property, chain link fences can be the right purchase for you. Since vinyl and metal chain links are cheap and easy to maintain, they’re the best option if you prioritize function over form. Additionally, they’re incredibly durable and can withstand long years with little to no maintenance.

Metal fences

If you want the durability of chain link fences but the design flexibility of lattice and fences, metal fences will be the right choice for you. Since metal is a more malleable material than wood, you’ll have a broader selection of design options, from regular slats to ornate patterns. You can choose something intricate for your home’s design and reliable to maintain its protection. Remember to select aluminum for lower overhead costs from its purchase to its regular maintenance.


Every element you add to your home will contribute to its return on investment. The right design choices will give your home a more coherent and effective design that will appeal to future home buyers. If you’ve got a renovation or installation idea in mind, remember to contact reliable building experts to perform them. Doing so will make these additions precise and well-made to your specifications.

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