Fun Family Activities to Do Outdoors By The Home Deck

Now that staying indoors is the new norm, it would be fun if the whole family decides to do some activities outdoors. While there might be some dangers in going out into the world, but there are still safe ways to explore the outside world with the family. 

You could use your home’s deck to host many of these activities. While this might not exactly be a trip to nature, it is a fair compromise that doesn’t put your family at risk. Here are some good ways to get started:

1: Game Night With the Family

If you are looking for a bonding activity all family members can enjoy, a game night is a perfect idea. Apart from the opportunity to enjoy a fun time together, playing games can develop the kid’s social and cognitive skills. Instead of playing these games inside a room, why not bring the fun outside where you can see the moon? Make it a tradition and invite more people once the situation gets better.

2: Mini-Concerts

If the family loves playing music, a mini-concert by the deck would be a lovely idea. Because the deck is already elevated, a concert by the deck is great as it can act as a stage. You would indeed have a memorable night witnessing people sing along to the music, especially when someone in the family knows how to play an instrument. It is way better than playing music through a Bluetooth speaker.

3: Sleepovers

If your kiddos love the idea of camping and sleeping under the stars, you can do it safely by hosting a sleepover party by your deck. Using only sleeping bags, your kids would surely enjoy a night in “nature.” It is also an excellent way to observe the stars, feel the breeze, and witness how nature unfolds. Make sure to keep the night extra fun for the kids by serving their favourite snacks and drinks.

4: Dance the Night Away

If you are a music lover but do not necessarily play instruments, you can always have a fun party night instead. Decorate your deck and surround it with great speakers and lights. All you need to do is drink, have fun, and dance the night away. Nothing beats worry and doubts than having a great dance on a beautiful evening,

5: Have an Outdoor Movie Night

If the family enjoys relaxing while watching a good film, you can always transform your deck into an outdoor theatre. All you need is a projector, a white screen, and some cozy chairs to chill in. Enjoy the cool breeze and have fun watching a good movie together. It is like a drive-in experience, but much better. You can also bring more food since everything you need is just by your door. 


If you are looking for more options besides the regular BBQ night, try any activities enumerated here and enjoy the night with your family. Nothing is more fun than spending time with the people you treasure. Make the experience more memorable by hosting it right in your deck. With these activities, you get to have fun right within your home. 

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