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Tips for Improving Your Deck

Your deck deserves to be an easy and enjoyable place to enjoy being outdoors with friends and loved ones. Not every single deck comes pre-installed with all the whistles and bells such as awnings and gazebos but using them installed by a Calgary deck builder is obviously an alternative. If you are wanting to make your deck the go-to place for family gatherings and hot summer nights, have a look at a few of these tips for ways to add excitement to your deck.

Update the Railings
If you have had your rails for quite a while and are getting tired of the design or have noticed they are deteriorating in quality, then it may be time for an update. Railings are a frequently overlooked facet of your deck, as well as the substance and layout can deliver your outside area together in a visually attractive manner.

You do not always have to coordinate with your railing into the deck floor. Occasionally a contrast in color or substance may be a welcome change. YYC Builders is experienced in installing a huge array of rail systems and can suggest many popular rail options they find to be reliable and of premium quality.

Update Your Stairs
When folks are entering your deck from the outside, they utilize the staircase. It is often the first impression that guests will have of your deck, and no matter how nice the rest of your outdoor area appears, an outdated staircase may detract from the overall appearance.

It is perfectly reasonable to become worried with respect to updating your staircase, particularly if you do not possess a great deal of them. But if you are devoted to perfecting each inch of your deck, then your staircase may be a great starting point.

Based upon the design of your deck, then you may have choices in regard to what sort of stair it is possible to get. They are sometimes broad, waterfalled, cornered, or conventional. You may base your choice on lots of variables. Your staircase must lead out to some location in the lawn which you use the maximum or attached to a route that contributes to the front part of the home.

YYC Builders does not recommend installing new stairs yourself and supplies a hassle-free warranty on a setup that will make certain your stairs are constructed up and right to code.

Retractable Awning
If you often need an umbrella or numerous umbrellas, then including a retractable awning for your own deck is an attractive choice for keeping out sunlight. They generally cover a broader area than an umbrella and also can be easily retracted for times once the sun is not shining.

There is no shortage of awnings that vary in style, color, and dimensions. Generally made from cloth, retractable awnings provide flexibility about supplying color in your deck.

Another fantastic alternative for providing shade in your deck would be a pergola. While they should not be considered a substitute for an umbrella or retractable awning, pergolas do a fantastic job at blocking direct sunlight while still allowing some sunlight in. Their layout is classic in design and may be attached to a home or stand in a different portion of the deck.

Pergolas, when attached to a property, make a subtle sense of flow from the inside of your home to the outside deck. It can be a gorgeous transition piece to your area. There are many approaches to help a pergola stand out such as stringing lights across the ceiling and legs or buying hanging plants or vines that can add color and natural beauty to your deck.

An addition to a deck such as a pergola could be left for professionals to conserve money and time. Based on your finances, YYC Builders has a lot of choices that vary in size, color, and substance. Regardless of what style you select, you may trust YYC Builders to put in your pergola with a focus on detail and high-quality materials.

Include a Gazebo with Your Deck
For bigger decks, a fantastic way to add flair into your own space would be to get a gazebo added on. The quantity of detail you desire your gazebo to possess is your decision. Whether you would like a screened-in a more open idea, they are exceptional at providing shade and protection against the elements.

A gazebo adds character and depth to a deck. If you have got enough room to do so, obtaining a gazebo set up will give you a fresh area to entertain guests and escape the heat. YYC Builders offer gazebo construction with the choice of adding an electric package so you may add your ceiling fan or TV.

If you’re wanting to extend the use time of your own deck during the calendar year, a gazebo is an ideal option.

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Calgary deck builder - Calgary deck builders

Choosing the Best Fence for Your Home

Fences can serve unique purposes. Your house might need you to keep your possessions in and wild animals out, enhance looks, improve privacy, outline land boundaries, or boost security. Knowing the intended purpose of your fence is essential as it is going to allow you to determine the most acceptable height, material, and structure.

Benefits of Having a Fence
Although installing a fence provides many benefits, the following are possibly the most significant:

Fences enhance privacy and safety: Aside from being effective deterrents against prying eyes, fences decrease the chance of intrusion by preventing people from breaking in readily.

Fences act as obstacles: as well as keeping your children and domestic animals from drifting out, fences can stop wild animals like foxes and raccoons from getting in.

Fences add value: Installing a fence adds to the value of your house by earning your landscape and house more noticeable, especially in the event that you decide on a suitable option.


Kinds of Fencing Materials
It’s important to keep your budget in mind when deciding what sort of fence to set up. Installation costs will vary depending on the sort of material. To assist you to decide on the best choice, here are the most popular fencing materials in addition to their positives and negatives.



  • Wood is a sustainable material and likely has the lowest purchasing and setup price.
  • Wood is simple to install and fix.
  • Wood fences are available in all sizes and shapes.
  • You can build your own configuration if necessary since wood is a flexible material.
  • it is possible to paint wood to make any look.


  • Wood fences need regular maintenance.
  • Even after being treated for the outdoors, wood will eventually rot.
  • Fasteners can loosen over time because wood contracts and expands with adjustments in the weather.

It is possible, however, to prolong the life span of your wood fence by employing additional remedies, such as a sealant.



  • Vinyl infrequently warps, splits, or cracks because of climatic conditions.
  • Apart from keeping it clean, vinyl is really maintenance-free.
  • Aside from mimicking any other fencing material, vinyl fences can be found in an endless array of designs and colors.
  • Vinyl fencing is lightweight and incredibly durable.


  • Plastic becomes brittle with time.
  • Vinyl may crack or break under too much pressure due to its hollow construction.

Chain Link


  • Practically maintenance-free.
  • Incredibly strong and durable, which makes it the most suitable choice for containment purposes.
  • Chain link fences seldom twist, crack or split.
  • Affordably priced and simple to install.
  • Best for home safety.


  • Chain link fences have a utilitarian appearance. It is possible, however, to coat yours in vinyl paint or turn it into a lattice.
  • Not well suited for privacy. Privacy slats are, however, available.



  • Aluminum does not rust, and that’s the reason why fences made of metal are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Aluminum fences are simple to update and customize.
  • Powder coating provides aluminum fences a pleasant, clean, and even look.
  • Aluminum fences can be found in various thicknesses and strengths.
  • Best suited to safety.


  • Difficult to put in, which means that you’ll have to employ a professional.
  • Prone to harm, albeit determined by the caliber.



  • Brick fences require minimal upkeep.
  • A brick fencing is energy-efficient and perfect for resale.
  • Relatively durable.
  • Brick fences can either blend or contrast with your residence.


  • Can Be Costly to Fix
  • Cannot be painted or stained
  • A brick fence takes a strong and invulnerable foundation.


If you aren’t sure which material would be best for your fence, contact the expert Calgary fence builders at YYC Builders by calling 1-403-629-6640 or emailing us at [email protected]


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